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numeral adj : of or relating to or denoting numbers; "a numeral adjective"; "numerical analysis" [syn: numerical, numeric] n : a symbol used to represent a number; "he learned to write the numerals before he went to school" [syn: number]

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From numéral.


  • a RP , /ˈnjuːmərəl/, /'nju:m@r@l/
  • a US , /ˈnumɜrəl/, /'num3r@l/


  1. A word or symbol representing a number.
    The word “fifteen”, the Arabic numeral “15”, and the Roman numeral “XV” are all numerals representing the number fifteen.


  • 2002 — Laurie Bauer & Rodney Huddleston, "Lexical word-formation", p1621-1722 in The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, p1715
    We use the term numeral for linguistic expressions and number for meanings. For example, five is a numeral expressing the number "5" - and fifteen hundred and one thousand five hundred are different numerals expressing the same number, "1,500".


Related terms


word or symbol representing a number
  • Arabic: رقم (rakam)
  • Breton: niver
  • Czech: číslice i symbol, číslovka i word
  • Dutch: nummer, getal
  • Esperanto: numeralo
  • Finnish: numero
  • French: chiffre
  • German: Zahl, Ziffer
  • Greek: αριθμός, νούμερο, ψηφίο
  • Icelandic: töluorð
  • Indonesian: angka / bilangan, nomer (used to differentiate)
  • Interlingua: numero, numeral
  • Italian: numero, cifra
  • Japanese: 数字 (sūji), 数詞 (sūshi)
  • Latin: nomen numerale
  • Maltese: numru, ċifra
  • Polish: liczebnik
  • Portuguese: número, numeral
  • Romanian: număr, numeral
  • Russian: числительное
  • Slovak: číslovka
  • Slovenian: številka
  • Spanish: numeral
  • Swedish: siffra



  • /numeˈral/, /nume'ral/


  1. numeral


  1. numeral

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The term numeral can refer to:
  • Numeral system, a system of mathematical notations for writing numbers
  • Number names, the words or symbols used to represent numbers
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